About Kinesiology


Kinesiology, pronounced kin-easy-ology, uses muscle response testing (MRT) to identify the imbalances involved with your symptoms.  MRT is renowned for being able to connect, uncover and help the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.

At the beginning of the session, the therapist will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle history. You will be asked to lie on a clinic couch fully clothed apart from your shoes and watch if you wear one.  The kinesiologist will place your arms, legs or head into specific positions and then apply gentle pressure. Muscle testing gives the kinesiologist information and feedback from your body about its condition and can assess the order in which to treat the imbalances.

Muscle response testing can detect imbalances in the body’s systems in four key areas:

Chemical – nutrition, hormones, pH good health begins in the gut
Structural – bones, muscles, tissues
Emotional – blocks, fears, phobias, trauma, stress
Electrical – hydration, energy levels and energetic fields

MRT It can assess a person’s response to any stimulus.  It can also establish connections between imbalances, put them in order of priority and determine the most effective treatment.

A treatment plan will be provided at the end of the session which may include changing your diet, adding nutritional supplements, gentle aligning exercises, massaging reflex points, lifestyle changes. Every person’s treatment plan will be tailored to their needs and a follow up session planned to monitor progress.

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About Marcia Fletcher

I was inspired to train as a kinesiologist in 2001 after witnessing a friend being cured of medically diagnosed asthma. Kinesiology’s holistic approach of working with the body’s energy systems was immediately attractive and thought provoking. Practicing kinesiology has made a big impact on my life and career and continues to do so.   With an ever increasing need to find new ways to heal our bodies, kinesiology can provide innovative techniques  to tackle many of the body’s imbalances that lead to the chronic illnesses which the West is finding more challenging to treat.

With an earlier background in science, research and business, I have worked in clinics in Central London, Greenwich, Godalming, Exeter, and Guildford.  In 2006 practised kinesiology and introduced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Guatemala, Central America. I also teach Touch for Health foundation kinesiology in the UK.

I appeared in an article on kinesiology in Healthy Magazine.