About Kinesiology


In an increasingly polluted world that relies on complex and often toxic medical interventions, Kinesiology, pronounced kin-easy-ology, is a simple sustainable health therapy that uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Kinesiology assists you to get the information you need from your own body.  That twinge of pain, the pang of indigestion, the headache, that chronic pain – are symptoms our bodies are using to encourage us to seek change in our lives.

Find out what your body needs to return it to balance – try kinesiology

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About Marcia Fletcher

I was inspired to train as a kinesiologist in 2001 after witnessing a friend being cured of medically diagnosed asthma. Kinesiology’s holistic approach of working with the body’s energy systems was immediately attractive and thought provoking. Practicing kinesiology has made a big impact on my life and career and continues to do so.   With an ever increasing need to find new ways to heal our bodies, kinesiology can provide innovative techniques  to tackle many of the body’s imbalances that lead to the chronic illnesses which the West is finding more challenging to treat.

With an earlier background in science, research and business, I have worked in clinics in Central London, Greenwich, Godalming, Exeter, and Guildford.  In 2006 practiced kinesiology and introduced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to Guatemala, Central America. I also teach Touch for Health foundation kinesiology in the UK.

I appeared in an article on kinesiology in Healthy Magazine.