Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing are becoming better known worldwide with many new pieces of research reaching peer reviewed journals. Find the Cause Kinesiology Research and Case Studies sections are shown below.

Taking Kinesiology into a local GP practice to offer patients 1hr workshops

Over the spring of 2022, I offered 1hr wellbeing sessions to the patients of a local GP practice.  The article which appeared in the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council newsletter details how I went about it and lists the techniques used which are from the Touch for Health syllabus

Ongoing Observational Study using kinesiology on individuals diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Kinesiology Federation in collaboration with the University of Exeter, launched its own research project which looks at using kinesiology on individuals with the medically diagnosed condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).   This on-going project is an observational study which uses both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods used in the medical profession for this condition.

We are still recruiting individuals for this piece of research and if you suffer from IBS and would like to see if kinesiology can help you clear your symptoms, please contact me.

Case Studies

Using Emotional Freedom Technique as the intervention for Post-Operative Pain Relief
Using Kinesiology as the intervention for Bell’s Palsy

Oxford University Research 2012 References

Oxford University was recently involved in research into Muscle Response Testing, the primary tool of any Kinesiologist.

When doctoral student Anne M Jensen first presented the results of her study on muscle response testing, the results were so impressive that the university staff didn’t believe them and made her repeat the study to replicate the results.  This she did.

The skeptical faces were now interested. The results of this unknown testing format surprised everyone… by being a whole lot more reliable than they ever imagined.

Having successfully completed her doctorate, Dr Jensen chose to have her research paper published open source and so the full study is now available online:…/s12906-0…

Southampton University Research references

2013 – Professional Kinesiology Practice  for Chronic Low Back Pain – Single-blind, Randomised Controlled Pilot study Eardley 2013 Forschende Professional Kinesiology practice for chronic low back pain

2008 – A review of the literature in applied and specialised kinesiology Hall Lewith Little Brien 2008 Forschende A review of the literature in applied and specalised kinesiology

2008 –  An exploratory pilot study to design and assess the credibility of a sham kinesiology treatment Hall Lewith Brien Little 2008 Forschende Pilot study to design and assess the credibility of a sham kinesiology treatment