It’s nice to share so here is a list of organisations and information which may be of interest


This video provides some facts on kinesiology based on the University of Oxford research into muscle response testing

Sheldon Deal demonstrates injury recall technique. This was taken at the 35th annual Touch for Health, kinesiology Conference

Kinesiology Federation Videos


Healthy Magazine 2004

Kinesiology books and charts

Helena Arguelles Books

Links to professional organisations

Kinesiology Federation – Kinesiology Federation
The UK Professional Body for all kinesiologists

International Association of Systematic Kinesiologists – IASK

The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques – Website
The UK professional organisation for meridian therapies including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Classical Kinesiology Institute – Classical Kinesiology Institute
For more information about training in advanced kinesiology and naturopathy, visit the Classical Kinesiology website.

International Kinesiology College – International Kinesiology College
Based in Australia, with faculty throughout the world. We provide certified training in Touch for Health in over 60 countries. Our international database features hundreds of registered instructors who teach the Touch for Health Synthesis, the original kinesiology system for non-professionals. Touch for Health is now the basis for many practitioners’ programmes worldwide

The Alliance for Natural Health – Alliance for Natural Health International

UK  and international organisation that has been committed to providing access to trusted health information based on good science and law, offering sustainable living advice to help create unity, consciousness, human and planetary health.

The Integrative Health Collaborative –

The Integrated Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) is a collection of leading professional associations and stakeholders within complementary, traditional and natural healthcare, working together on common areas of interest, to increase access to these therapies, promote greater integration with conventional Western medicine, and improve patient outcomes.